Glossary of terms

The glossary of terms are as follows.

① Title

Movie titles are written in Japanese, English, and poster country language. The Japanese titles are written with the Japanese pronunciation in the alphabet.

② Production Company

That is the company or organization that produced the movie, but is limited to the main in the case of the production committee. (Refer to “Production company List”)

③ Genre

Roughly divided into 10 categories: Drama, Historical Drama, Animation, Monster, Sci-Fi, Horror, War, Adult, Documentary, and Special Program. Also, even if it seems to fall under multiple categories, it is limited to only one representative genre.

④ Release Year

The year released firstly in Japan or other country.

⑤ Director

We listed the director of the original work, even if the edited film in a foreign country,but noted the edited director in the remarks in some cases.

⑥ Cast

Main 3 cast are listed.

⑦ Poster Country

We listed 44 countries such as Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America.

⑧ Category

We divided four categories: Posters, Lobby Card, Still, and Program. Program is included “brochures, press sheets, flyer, and other publicity materials”.

⑨ Printed year

The year the poster was printed. We listed the year of the initial screening or of the re-release for films that have been released several times.

⑩ Poster Size

Roughly divided into 6 categories: Mega, Large, Medium, Small, Mini, and Long Rectangle.(Refer to “Poster size and type guide”)

⑪ Poster Type

Posters have unique names due to their size and shape in some countries. (Refer to “Poster size and type guide” or “Poster type List” )

⑫ Poster Artist

The name of poster artist is listed according to the native language notation. (Refer to “Poster artist List”)

⑬ Notes

We describe actual measurements of poster size, participation or awards at film festivals, contents of special screenings, etc.